Artist Bio:

Sarah Troedson is a Sacramento, CA native who’s been creatively crafting for over 20 years. She became Sole Proprietor of “Rocks, Maps and Crafts by Sarah E. Troedson” in October of 2010. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from Sac State, her love of minerals and gemstones shines through in her jewelry creations. Sarah has held a love of color as long as she can remember and is seldom happier than when working with a palette of beads or a beautifully variegated yarn.  She has a need to create things with her hands and has always found crochet relaxing and fulfilling. The colors and sparkle of glass, crystal and gemstone beads are irresistible to Sarah’s creative eye. Her inspiration comes from everywhere – a unique bead, a lovely colorway, a droplet of water, a peacock feather… The joy Sarah finds in creating beaded jewelry and crochet items is only surpassed by the joy she receives seeing others enjoying her creations. Sarah lives in South Sacramento with her supportive husband and 2 playful cats.



My mother taught me to crochet when I was 8 and I haven’t stopped since. Through photos and patterns I have learned a wide variety of stitches, finishing techniques and styles. I use both my own patterns and others in my work.

Aside from a couple of informal lessons at bead shops, I am entirely self-taught in my jewelry. I had one kind shop employee teach me how to use crimp beads in 1995 and I was off stringing beads after that. A friend taught me how to knot silk cord in 2002 and I have since modified the technique for my own work. I used detailed photographs, my own inspection of others’ creations and a few online tutorials to learn how to wire wrap and how to use the proper pliers for a job. My extreme attention to detail and ability to visualize in three dimensions enable me to figure out how things are made and the best techniques for my work.

I must be part Pixie
– I love shinies!


From the Comic : Chasing the Sunset

Why “Rocks, Maps and Crafts?”:

My bachelor’s degree is in geology, and I’ve collected minerals and pretty rocks since I was very small. I still have display cases of rock samples and minerals on the walls in my house. I learned Geographic Information Systems (GIS) when I was an undergraduate student, making digital geologic maps. During my first attempt at graduate school, I discovered I like GIS better than studying rocks and volcanoes. I quit grad school and followed my desire to make maps and learn more about GIS. I have been working as a GIS Analyst full time ever since and recently completed my second attempt at graduate school, with a Master of Geographic Information Systems (MGIS) degree from Penn State. I started my small business as an outlet for my crafty side while I was working full time and attending graduate school part time (the perfect time to add another thing to my plate, I know). In addition to selling my crafty creations, I also sell rock and mineral samples I’ve collected over my years as a geologist. Occasionally, I’ll even sell “mapigami” (giant paper cranes) made out of draft poster-sized map sheets left over from my day job. The title “Rocks, Maps and Crafts” is a natural fit to describe my primary interests in life.