New Art November 2017

New Art November 2017

I decided to try #NewArtNovember again this year. I’m still aiming for 50 new creations this month, but probably gonna land somewhere in the 40s. I decided to allow previously started crochet projects, since part of the goal is finishing what I start, and I have 2 of those so far. I’m hoping to finish 1 or 2 more previously started crochet projects. I’m also trying to use my stash of unique/rare beads and focals, and trying to stretch my artistic wings a bit. So far I have a baker’s dozen of completed creations, another half dozen or so laid out on my work table right now, and another 20ish planned. We’ll see if I get a bunch of creation time over the holiday weekend or not! Here are the first few new creations for this year:

Fire-y Chainmaille Earrings


Teal Cluster Earrings

Czech Glass Blue and Black Necklace

The Portal Between Moons Necklace

The Portal Between Moons Earrings

Garden Path Necklace